About a year and a half ago, I met a very beautiful person inside and out! Kelci, was planning a wedding for December 2014 to her love Andrew Ganley. She decided she wanted to take her first set of bridal portraits a year in advance from the actual wedding.

Why you ask? Two reasons, one was heartbreaking, and one was truly inspiring.

At the time their dog Lilly was not doing well, and would not be around for much longer. Kelci really wanted to have some pictures in her wedding dress with Lilly to remember her by.

The other reason is also a reason why I love photography so much! Capturing a life change is the definition of the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words!" Kelci had set a goal to live a healthier life--full of healthy eating, exercise, positivity and pure motivation! I envy this girl for her strength to push on!

Kelci has worked hard to get here, and I am a delighted to have seen her transformation from behind my lens! Something tells me, she's not done yet, and she will keep surpassing her goals!

Lightroom (kelci bridal edited-11.jpg and 1 other)

Did I mention, Kelci had to buy an entirely new dress?! Love it!

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